3 Reasons to Use a Babysitting Agency

How to decide if a babysitter agency is the right choice for you

You’re thinking of hiring a babysitter, but where to begin? How do you know who is the right fit for your family? How do you know if they are qualified for the job?

WeSit is a managed service for hiring a professional babysitter in minutes. You can post a booking, review the experienced babysitters who meet your requirements and find a good match for you and your family.

“Agencies provide services to put parents’ minds at ease: verifying babysitter education and qualifications, checking past experience and references, conducting background checks and ensuring only the best babysitters are put up for the job.” says Nqobile Msibi, CEO at WeSit

“WeSit takes it a step further and offers the same level of assurance as a babysitting agency with the added benefit of being able to book your chosen babysitter in a matter of hours at any time of the day”.

So is a babysitter agency the right solution for your family? Here are 3 reasons to consider using one.

1. You don’t have time to search for a babysitter yourself

Between work, housework and parenting, you most likely have a very full calendar and don’t have time to sift through a pile of online applications, conduct interviews and then check references. Babysitting agencies conduct deep screening of all their applicants and ensure the babysitter meets all parent criteria.

All WeSit babysitters are personally vetted and interviewed by our in-house staff in a thorough process which includes background checks, interviews and reference checks.

2.You want a babysitter who has been trained

When conducting your search for a babysitter you may want to hire only babysitters with some sort of standardised qualification. Each agency will have their own requirements of their sitters, generally babysitting agencies require their sitters to have a first aid certificate. 

All WeSit babysitters are required to have their police clearance and a first aid certificate. You can also review a babysitter’s past professional and educational history to find a babysitter with the right training for your family’s needs.

3. You want peace of mind

Hiring a babysitter or nanny by yourself does leave a few things to chance and should things not work out, or should your babysitter not be available when you need them then you’re back at square one. If you book a babysitter through an agency then you can rest assured that they have other similarly qualified and experienced babysitters who can provide temporary care for your family.

WeSit has a growing family of hundreds of vetted and trusted babysitters all of whom are passionate about childcare and providing care. Should your favourite babysitter not be available then your request will be passed on to our other sitters.

If you found yourself agreeing with some or all of the points listed above, then you should consider using WeSit as your babysitter provider. You can book a trusted and verified babysitter in a matter of moments to provide care to suit your family’s needs.

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