Things to do with your children during winter

Winter has arrived in full force and with that comes the tendency to stay bundled up indoors. Unfortunately we all eventually get cabin fever, especially children, and need to either venture out of the house or find fun things to do indoors.

We’ve compiled a list of ten of those things to help you keep you and your children entertained.

1. Ice-skating

Go ice skating at your nearest ice rink.

2. Board games

Play board games together like Monopoly, 30 Seconds and Uno.

3. Visit the library

Visit your local library and take out books that have winter themes. Then take turns reading to each other once you get home. Bonus: use your phone to record one another reading and then save the recordings for bedtime stories on a night when you’re extra exhausted.

4. Educational exhibits

Visit your nearest museum, zoo or aquarium.

5. Go-kart racing

Get your adrenaline pumping by heading to your nearest go-kart racing course and racing each other.

6. Bowling

Have a family bowling tournament at the bowling alley or set up a make-shift bowling alley at home and let the games begin!

7. Indoor Rock Climbing

Go indoor rock climbing. City Rock is a great venue for that in JHB and CT and allows children as young as 5 to go climbing.

8. Winter walk

When the weather isn’t too bad you can all bundle up and take a walk outside to get the blood flowing.

9. Movie marathon

Have a movie marathon coupled with hot chocolate made to everyone’s specifications and marshmallows.

10. Arts and crafts

Get in touch with your artsy side and spend some time on arts and crafts. Be it painting, drawing, sewing, stitching etc.

We hope that this list has been a bit helpful and are keen to hear what you do to keep yourself busy during winter.

Let us know in the comments :).

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