We’ve added Profile Videos!

We spoke to a few parents to hear what features they would love to have on WeSit. One burning theme was videos of babysitters. We decided to get to work and build the profile video feature!

📹 What’s a profile video?

Profile videos are the most effective way to introduce yourself to parents, and build trust and credibility. Profile videos help parents to get to know you better quickly, making it easier for parents to choose you. The profile video gives you a chance to display your personality and get more bookings!

How to make a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5-star profile video

✔️ What to do:

  • Be yourself – being yourself and showcasing your personality comes off as authentic, and makes you easier to trust
  • Practice and rehearse what you’re going to say – preparation shows that you’re disciplined, determined and reliable
  • Keep it short and simple – record a video that is between 30 seconds to 1 minute long and only include the most important information in it
  • Smile – a warm smile is the universal language of kindness; smiling lets parents connect with you immediately
  • Present yourself clearly – ensure that you’re the main subject of the video, and have no distractions in the background
  • Answer questions such as:
    • Why do you love babysitting?
    • What makes you a great babysitter?
    • What childcare experience do you have?
    • What are your academic qualifications?

❌ What NOT to do

  • Don’t mention contact information – your video will be publicly viewable, to preserve your privacy and safety, your first name will do
  • Don’t add effects or filters – recording from your webcam or phone is okay
  • Don’t include other people – parents are only interested in seeing you
  • Don’t have sound distractions – make sure your voice is audible and nothing else steals attention during your video

Here are some examples to help get you going:


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